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Holiday Special of 2-hour ADHD video - 50% off

ADHD seminar video - Discounted until 1/31/2021

The video includes information on the neuro-biological conceptualization, discussion of biological and other treatments, consideration of behavior management strategies for ADHD and an explanation of the interface with schools on behalf of your child with ADHD.  The other materials provided in paper form at the seminars will also be available.  The video and supporting documents will be emailed to you.

Holiday Sale - 50% off through Jan. 31, 2021.

ADHD - Parent Seminar

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These documents were created to provide parents with tips regarding children with Neuro-behavioral Disorders, Autism, ADHD and ODD

parent tips.pdf

ADHD poem.pdf

ADHD Medications

ASPERGER diagram.pdf 

Classroom Techniques (ADHD)

Understanding ADHD: Evidence Based Treatment of ADHD

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Recommended Online Resources

Articles originally published on ADDitude magazine:

  • How to Diffuse and Angry Child
  • Why We Feel So Intensely: Understanding ADHD Emotions
  • ADHD Medications: 10 Ways to Get it Right
  • Homework an Study Shortcuts: 12 Ways to Get Things Done Quicker
  • Creating An IEP/504 Plan for Your ADHD Child

        Article by Roy Savion below may be helpful for post high school planning

Resources and blog for parents of children with special needs

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