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Diversified Learning Academy, LLC

The education experience of our children and families have become more challenging. Despite noble attempts to open the education system, the plans may not have worked out well for your family needs.  Recognizing the difficulty that in-home learning has presented to working families, we are opening a remote learning center called Diversified Learning Academy, LLC

This remote learning space is for children K-8th grade who would benefit from a learning environment outside of the home.  Our space is limited. We will provide five desk stations (socially distanced/divided) and WIFI access. The student will learn individually and be in a mixed academic level environment. Students will provide their own learning tools and devices and utilize their own academic curriculum.    A teacher's aide/tutor resource will be available to help with academic questions or technical issues.

This alternative to "working parent/home schooling" is aimed to alleviate the additional stress and give quality support to students who lack focus and need higher attention levels than what parents have traditionally been prepared to give in an academic year.

Cost for a learning space (cover space and teacher's aide/tutor):

 Full-time $300/week (8 am- 4pm)

Part-time  $150/week  (4 hours)

Cost for  Tutoring after school (not to extend past 7 pm) :

$25 for 30 minutes 

$50 for one hour . 

Reservation for space required due to capacity limitations. Students must bring laptops, tablets and/or any other material required for their educational needs.

In order to maintain the quoted rate, we are hoping for full registration and will honor waitlist requests.

Please contact [email protected] to inquire or register with the attached registration form.